Terms Of Service:

This legally binding agreement is between The Active Hive LLC DBA MoreBux & you (the member), albeit as an Advertiser or Publisher.

By using MoreBux, located at http://www.morebux.info, or any associated products/services provided in connection, Members agree to abide to Terms of Service.

Affiliates commissions & Members earnings will depend entirely on their own efforts.

MoreBux is not an investment program, pyramid, MLM, or "get rich quick" scheme.

MoreBux provides an advertisement platform & congruent digital services/products.

MoreBux reserves the right to amend/alter Terms of Service at any time while reserving the right to cancel any/all services without prior notice.

Member Accounts:

Transfer and/or selling of accounts is prohibited.

Members may use multiple unique IP addresses to login. 

Usage of Proxies/VPN or Shared Network environment is prohibited.

Advertisements may be viewed by a single account, using the same IP Address, only once per 24 hours. 

The use of more than one account, on a single IP Address, to view advertisements(within 24 hours), is prohibited.

Creation of more than one account is prohibited & will result in the immediate termination of all associated accounts.

If more than one account, on a single computer, is used to view advertisements (within 24 hours) all associated accounts will be permanently suspended.

The use of false information when registering, or changing personal settings, will result in account suspension & possible termination, pending a Review.

Referrals: Purchased Direct Referrals are subject to their availability.

Purchased Direct Referrals, who are inactive, can be recycled for a small fee.

All Purchased Direct Referrals from MoreBux are real members who registered with no referrer.

Direct Referrals (acquired via your affiliate link) & Purchased Direct Referrals from MoreBux are eligible to earn you Bonus.

Withdrawal: A fee of $.50 + %5 will be deducted due to Processor merchant services fees.

Members must have a verified Payment Processor Account(where applicable).

Members may not change their registered Payment Processor Account ID if limited

Member Payment Processor Accounts must have no limitations for investment or withdrawal.

MoreBux reserves the right to update the earnings of a Member prior to sending the payment.

All payments will go directly to the Members listed email address & can't be canceled or sent again.

Only one payment may be requested at a time. Minimum/maximum withdrawal limits & processing speed vary by Membership. 

Members must accept the payments made to their Payment Processor Account within 14 calendar days or it will be canceled without refund. 

All payments are subject to restriction. All payments must be requested through the Payment Processor Account with the highest deposited amount.

Payments from limited/frozen payment processor accounts are automatically denied. Withdrawals to limited/frozen accounts are denied & not refunded.

Payment Processor Accounts must be unique & may not be shared with other users. Members may not have multiples of any Payment Processor Account. 

Changing Payment Processor Account info is prohibited (unless misspelled, then contact us immediately) in order to avoid possible hack/withdrawal actions.

Advertisements: Advertisements reset every 24 hours based on the server time.

By advertising your website you authorize The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux to display all Member content publicly & to deny any advertisement deemed unfit for display.

Advertisements containing alcohol, tobacco, firearms, malicious code, racism, referral sales, MLM, adult material, or that break frame/redirect to another page, are prohibited.

Deposit: Minimum Deposit amount is $5

Deposit funds are added & reflected instantaneously in Members purchase balance.

Funds may be deposited into Members purchase balance using any approved Payment Processor.

Anti-Cheat Policy:

 All attempts to hack, manipulate, or abuse the system will be logged.

Using any sort of programs that automates tasks or clicks advertisements (bots) is strictly prohibited.

Any attempts of hacking/manipulation/abuse/piracy, or other unlawful act, will result in immediate account Termination.

The Active Hive LLC/ monitors all hacking/manipulation/abuse/piracy attempts & will apply the appropriate legal action in response.

Account Suspension:

Once an account is Suspended (for any reason), all account balances will be reset to zero pending Review.

After 14 days of inactivity, Membership will be temporarily suspended and Terminated after 30 days of inactivity.

Once an account is Terminated (for any reason), all account balances will be permanently reset to zero, and all referrals removed. 

Suspended Accounts and Terminated Accounts are archived. No new account can be registered using the same name, username or email address.

Suspended Accounts, made so due to inactivity, will not be reactivated & the account owner will need to open a new account.  

Terminated Accounts, (made so for any reason), will have all account balances permanently reset to zero, and all referrals removed.

The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux maintain the right to suspend any account for any valid reason, including, but not limited to, disregard for the Terms of Service. 

Approved Payment Processors: 5.0% merchant processing fee.


All disputes made through Payment Processor Accounts will result in account Termination.

All payments to The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux must be made from a verified Payment Processor.

Failure to correspond with this requirement will result in payment being denied & refunded back to Members account.

All charge-backs, made to The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux, on Member payments, will result in a Suspended Account (pending Review).

Refund Policy:

The purchase of digital products/services at The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux is non-refundable, including, but not limited to, the purchase of upgrades, advertising, coins, credits, specials, & all forms of digital products/services.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing you're at least the minimal age of 18, and thereby legally able to enter into this agreement.  

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing you're aware that your password is your sole responsibility & in no way shall be The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux be made liable for improper access to your account, due to password management issues. 

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing you're aware it's your sole responsibility to review the Terms of Service periodically.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing you're aware it's your sole responsibility to declare your payments, pay taxes(where applicable) & hold The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux in no way responsible .

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing that you're aware The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux will not be held responsible for any delays or losses incurred by it's members, advertisers, suppliers or publishers.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you're representing that you're aware any implications of racism, sexism, prejudice, religious persecution & or generally offensive actions/comments will result in account Termination.

If you find the Terms of Service unacceptable, at any time, and are a current member, simply leave The Active Hive LLC/MoreBux & cease all use of products/services.

If you find the Terms of Service unacceptable, as a guest who disagrees with the Terms of Service, simply don't signup.

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